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Gardner Denver MH3 & MH5 Hydrapak Hydraulic Oil Cooler gardner denver mhH1 mh3 30 gpm mh5 50 gpm hydrapak hydraulic oil cooler wet kit
Price: $3,431.12
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Gardner Denver Item #: MH- -

Knowns as the "original" truck mounted hydraulic oil cooler, the popular Gardner Denver MH3 (40 max GPM) and MH5 (60 max GPM) Hydrapak coolers are easy to install, with low / virtually no maintenance, and weighs hundreds of pounds less than conventional reservoir type systems. They are both compact, lightweight and highly efficient hydraulic coolers for the operation of high horsepower and high flow mobile hydraulic drive systems.MH3 and MH5 wet-kit...

MAXIM Mobile Oil Cooler w Fan & Shroud 12 VDC, 52 GPM, 1" NPT  maxim mobile hydraulic oil Cooler fan shroud walking trailer muncie
Price: $741.12
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Bailey Hydraulics Item #: JE-258533 -

The MAXIM mobile oil cooler with fan and shroud is a basic truck or trailer mounted fan cooler that can be added to existing tank/reservoir setups that have no fan cooler or included in new hydraulic setups for additional oil cooling.

Paragon HydraAIR Oil Free Piston Air Compressor paragon hydraaIR oil free piston air compressor lpg crude chemical hauler
Price: $4,031.66
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Paragon Item #: HA- -

Paragon HydraAIR oil free piston air compressor for chemicals, crude, oil or LPG applications that can be mounted and hydraulically driven by the HydraAIR. Tractor and/or trailer product pump packages are available, with up to 270 GPM Delivery.

Paragon Hydraflow HE Hydraulic Oil Coolers paragon hydraflow he hydraulic oil coolers steps gauges crude chemical lpg hauler truck
Price: $2,758.89
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Paragon Item #: HE- -

Be bold and consider the Paragon HE hydraulic mobile oil coolers with built-in steps and gauges with 30 and 42 GPM flow rate cooler configurations, seven (7) different model options from which to choose. and standard-to-framerail or other mounting options. Perfect fit for chemical, crude oil and LPG trailer hauler applications and more.

Paragon SL HF HD Hydraulic Oil Coolers paragon sl hd hf hydraulic oil truck trailer cooler, paragon hydraair truck compressor, paragon hydrachem hydraulic cooler chemical trailer hauler, paragon crude oil cooler wet kit
Price: $2,693.23
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Paragon Item #: PCOOL- -

The Paragon Hydraflow HF (30 max GPM), HD (50 max GPM), and SL (25 max GPM) hydraulic oil coolers offer cost effective but equally capable oil cooling and drive solutions for trucks and trailers that include wet-kits for pumps, blowers, cylinders and more. Paragon SL, HF, and HD hydraulic oil coolers are used for mobile transport applications that include chemical transport, CO2 delivery trucks, crude oil transport, food transport, LP gas transport/bobtails, lube...

Stac Thermaflow SS934 Hydraulic Oil Coolers stac thermaflow ss934hr ss934hv hydraulic oil coolers truck trailers
Price: $2,775.00
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Stac Mobile Hydraulics Item #: Stac- -

The Stac Thermaflow SS934 frame mounted hydraulic cooler for bulk liquids trailer haulers and other vehicles.  The model 934 will drive most 3" and 4" product pumps and compressors, with options for multi-pump applications. The Thermaflow SS934 is the thinest hydraulic oil cooler for trucks that Stac offers, at only 9.25" wide. — Two SS934 cooler models are available: • SS934HR: hydraulic fan with relief valve • SS934HV: hydraulic fan with control valve ...

Stac Thermaflow SS980HFT Hydraulic Oil Cooler w Bulk Feed Block Manifold stac thermaflow ss980hft block manifold hydraulic oil cooler bulk feed truck trailer
Price: $6,529.20
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Stac Mobile Hydraulics Item #: Stac-SS980HFT -

The Stac Thermaflow SS980HFT behind-cab-mounted hydraulic cooler designed specifically for feed trailer haulers and to also handle most every single type of trailer in the bulk feed industry.  The model SS980HFT is the largest Stac cooler, physically, and also provides the greatest amount of heat removal performance in the industry. — The SS980HFT cooler has a 60 gallon-per-minute (GPM) flow rate and includes a 9.4 gallon reservoir. ...