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Jurop Vacuum Pump Oil jurop wintergreen vacuum pump oil case
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Jurop Item #: 1000-OIL35 -

One 3.5 gallon jug of Jurop Vacuum pump oil with a wintergreen scent. The ISO 150 vacuum pump oil is specifically designed for use in Jurop vacuum pumps and safe for use with other vacuum pump brands.  Using the proper lubrication oil for vacuum truck pumps helps to increase the longevity of your unit and saves money while also maintaining its operational efficiency.

Masport Pump Lube & Flushing Oil masport hxl vacuum pump lubrication flushing oil
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Masport Item #: MASOIL- -

Masport branded vacuum pump lubrication and flushing oil is the recommended oil for use in Masport pumps and is safe for use for other pump brands that include Jurop, Moro, Fruitland, National Vacuum and more.  Maintaining proper lubrication and flushing your vacuum pump on a regular basis can help to extend the life of the pump and save you money in the long run.

Metaris Interchangeable Replacement Telescopic Cylinders metaris interchangeable replacement telescopic cylinders dump
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Hydraulex Item #: METARIS-CYL -

Metaris Interchangeable Replacement Telescopic Cylinders Hydraulex Metaris MH series single acting telescopic cylinders are available in 3, 4 and 5 stage configurations and are fit, form and function interchangeable with other manufacturers such as: Hyco®, Parker® and Custom Hoist®.