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Tuthill T855 T1055 Blower Service Kit

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    About This Item

    T855/T850 & T1055/T1050 Service Kit

    • Kit contains the wear parts needed for all 4 models
    • Saves you money by extending the life of your blower
    The Tuthill service and overhaul kit for the T850, T855, T1050, and T1055 truck blowers is recommended for spare parts and/or scheduled maintenance or overhaul requirements. One kit contains the wear parts for all four models; T855, T850, T1055, and T1050.

    Tuthill truck blowers are built to exacting standards and if properly maintained, will provide many years of reliable service needed by all bulk tank truck operators.

    Tuthill Blower Service Kit Components

    • #9, Bearing, 2 Ea.

    • #10, Bearing, 2 Ea.

    • #11, Bearing Shield, 2 Ea.

    • #12, Piston / Slinger Seal Assembly, 4 Ea.

    • #16, Gasket, 2 Ea.

    • #17, Drive Shaft Seal 1 Ea.

    • #18, O-Ring Cover, 2 Ea.

    • #31, Bearing Shims, 8 Ea.

    • Port Gasket, 2 Ea.

    • Timing Adjustment Shim, 1 Ea.