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Stac Thermaflow SS934 Hydraulic Oil Cooler Wet Kits

Item #: StacWet-SS934HR-MUN
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    About This Item

    Stac Thermaflow SS934 Hydraulic Wet-Kits

    • SS934HR: hydraulic fan w/relief valve, PTO, Motor (25 GPM) 
    • Motor Options: Call for other max GPM options 
    • S934HV: hydraulic fan w/control valve, PTO, Motor
    • Cooler Flow Rate: 30 GPM max 
    • Pressure: 3000 PSI
    • Thinnest Stac hydraulic cooler at 9.25" deep

    The Stac Thermaflow 934HV (w/relief valve) & 934HV (w/control valve) frame mounted hydraulic cooler wet-kits for bulk liquids trailer haulers and other vehicles. Wet-kits include cooler, Muncie TG or Chelsea 489 series PTO, and Muncie PL1 series hydraulic motor (40 max GPM). No substitutes.

    Optional control valve and motor package also available.

    The model 934 will drive most 3" and 4" product pumps and compressors, with options for multi-pump applications.

    The Thermaflow SS934 is the thinest hydraulic oil cooler for trucks that Stac offers, at only 9.25" wide.

    Two SS934 cooler models are available:

    • SS934HR: hydraulic fan with relief valve

    • SS934HV: hydraulic fan with control valve


    • Model: SS934HR (hydraulic fan with control valve)
    • Model: SS934HV (hydraulic fan with relief valve)
    • Max Flow Rate: 30 gpm
    • Max Pressure: 5000 PSI
    • Reservoir: 4 Gallons
    • Weight (dry): 62 LBS (BK934E)
    • Dimensions: 9.25″ (W) x 20″ (T) x 22″ (L)
    • Suction: 1 1/2″ NPT (Male)
    • Pressure: 3/4″ #12 JIC (Male)
    • Return: 3/4″ #12 JIC (Male)

    • Stac Thermaflow SS934 cooler and mount hardware, Muncie TG8 series PTO *, and Muncie PL1 series hydraulic motor.

    * Need your truck transmission model number before shipment.