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Paragon P858 P857 P1057 Truck Blower Pkgs

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    About This Item

    • Basic blower pkg incl' blower, mount kit, inklet precleaner, discharge check valve kit (other options available)
    • Front oil seals run on coated wear sleeves and not directly on the shaft. 
    • Tapered locking mechanism means more robust timing method.
    • Hydraulic mounting pad built directly into the machine. No special oil tank required.
    • Twin drive shafts - allows for universal bi-directional mounting.
    • Complete cast iron body and side plates.
    • Runs quiet due to the Rotor profile having a constant gap.
    • Internal breather - reduces water contamination of oil.
    • Durable taper lock also guarantees easy assembly.

    The Paragon P858 | P857 (718 max CFM) and P1057 (1340 max CFM) truck blowers includes the blower, mounting bolts, and three (3) quarts of oil. Paragon truck P857 and P1057 blowers are two-lobe, positive displacement dry bulk truck blowers and accessories are designed for the unloading of dry bulk road tankers and ideal for many products that include cement, sand, fly ash, flour, sugar, fine powdered materials, grain, and more.

    Standard P858|P857 and P1057 Blower Packages:

    * Blower

    * Mount Hardware: horizontal arrangement, passenger side (other options available) 

    * Inlet precleaner or air filter kit, 

    * discharge check valve kit or silencer. 

    * Optional: Muncie or Chelsea PTOs are are also available.


    • Air Flow CFM: 390 – 1000
    • Max Pressure: 20 PSI
    • Max Vacuum: 17″ Hg.
    • Speed Range: 1800 – 3000 RPM
    • Weight: 391 lbs


    • Air Flow CFM: 535 – 1340
    • Max Pressure: 20 PSI
    • Max Vacuum: 17″ Hg.
    • Speed Range: 1700 – 3000 RPM
    • Weight: 419 lbs

    Basic blower kit includes blower, mounting bolts, three (3) quarts of oil, mount hardware, inlet precleaner, discharge check valve kit.