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Gardner Denver GD150 Truck Compressor

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    Gardner Denver

    About This Item

    GD 150 Compressor

    • Air cooled, oil free vane design
    • Highly corrosion resistant, light weight
    • Oil Free Compression
    • Faster offload times
    • Light Weight
    • Compact design saves space

    The Gardner Denver GD150 vane liquid bulk truck compressor is designed for the pressurized discharge of liquids from tanker trucks. The GD150 operates oil free and with corrosion resistant vanes that minimize the opportunity for any product contamination.

    GD150 compressors deliver industry leading pressure and flow performance that allow you to minimize your off-load times.

    We offer the standard unit that includes the compressor feet and the port flanges.

    • 100" oil free air for clean product unloading
    • High temperature blades
    • Double end shaft for clockwise or counter clockwise drive
    • Viton Seals


    The standard accessories supplied with the GD150 are:

    • 1 1/2" brass check valve
    • Pressure relief valve 30 psi
    • Detachable mounting feet
    • Specially designed aluminum air filter
    • 1 1/2" NPTF port flanges

    Options include:

    • 1" stainless steel check valve
    • Pressure relief valve 36 psi
    • Drive flange
    • 3 way ball valve
    • Stainless steel mounting brackets

    Standard GD150 unit: 1 1/2" brass check valve, Pressure relief valve 30 psi, detachable mounting feet, specially designed aluminum air filter,1 1/2" NPTF port flanges.

    Optional GD150 unit: the standard GD150 unit MINUS the feet and port flanges.