• Pumps: PM70T, PM80T, PM90T (new), PM100T, AC5T (retired)
  • Heavy duty dual fan-cooled design for tough industrial application
  • High quality Viton oil seals equals a longer life than traditional oil seals
  • Continuous pumping duty
  • No expensive cooling system, no risk to truck cooling system 
  • Integrated check valve, change-over valve and oiling system 
  • Low rotating speeds lead to longer pump life
  • 3" Ports (PM70T, PM80T, PM90T) & 4" Ports (PM100T, AC5T)
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    The Moro TURBO series (fan cooled) vacuum pumps utilize dual-fan technology to drastically increase heat dissipation. These pumps are designed to be used in industrial applications that have varying capability requirements. Moro offers four separate TURBO Series pumps (PM70T, PM80T, PM100T, AC5T, PM90T) to meet these differing application needs.