Roll-Off: 50 ga. reservoir, TG8 PTO, X series pump.

End Dump: 50 ga. reservoir, TG8 PTO, E series dump pump, APSCO console assembly.

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    Hydraulic equipment

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    Order the Muncie wet-kit for roll-off trucks or end dump trailers. The major equipment needed for your setups but for the miscellaneous fittings and someone to install it all for you.

    Want additional hydraulic oil cooling for a low price? Consider adding the Maxim hydraulic fan oil cooler too.

    Tank Specifications

    • Reservoir Material: Aluminum
    • Reservoir Capacity: 50 Gallons
    • Reservoir Style: Upright (Behind the Cab)
    • Filter: Not Available
    • Number of Ports: Dual Port
    • Porting Option: Standard Porting (2" NPT w/ 1-1/4" reducer)
    • Mounting: Standard Straps

    Optimum X series Roll-Off Pump

    • Patented OPTI-Grip® technology resists casting separation by press fitting two piece castings together for greater structural integrity over other traditional designs
    • Rigid pump design for long life and maintained peformance
    • Allows for higher pressure capabilities
    • Available in tandem and triple configurations
    • 13 tooth gear design provides smoother operation and reduces hydraulic noise
    • Standard bi-directional design with both side and rear ports
    • Premier performance for a wide variety of applications across several industries

      APSCO AVC-295 Console

      • Positive Detent lock in neutral position
      • Metered hoist control capability in lowering position
      • Push to connect fittings for 1/4” DOT tubing
      • Automatically disengages PTO when hoist handle is moved into lowering position
      • Safety lock on PTO valve to prevent accidental engagement
      • PTO engaged LED indicator light

      Roll-Off: 50 ga. reservoir, Muncie TG8 PTO, "X" series hyd pump.

      End Dump: 50 ga. reservoir, Muncie TG8 PTO, "E" series dump pump, APSCO AVC-295-8 dump console.