paragon hydraChem chemical hauler pkg
Basic Self-Contained Unit includes:

  • Model Configuration #HCOGLGHGHK-00 (No PTO)
  • Hydraulic cooler
  • Hydraulic Return Filtration
  • Chemical Product Pump
  • Air Compressor
  • Hydraulic Reservoir
  • NOTE: No PTO

Price: $12,269.94
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    Item #: HCOGLGHGHK-00
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    The Paragon HydraChem chemical unloading package is a compact, all-in-one bulk transfer system that integrates the Paragon hydraulic cooling system, new Roper G125 gear pump, and P40 compressor. The HydraChem package takes up just 25 inches of space on the frame rail, weighs 400 pounds, and installs with four mounting bolts.

    The HydraChem is a great option to consider for new general chemicals truck & trailer setups and those that have to replace their existing systems.

    Please contact us for pricing; the number of pre-sale specifications, options, and accessories requires more information from the customer.

    For more product information, please download the Roper G125 Series Gear Pump Brochure and Spec Sheet and Paragon HydraChem Bulk Transfer Cooler Brochure.

    • Max flow rate (pump): up to 130 GPM @ 100 psi
    • Max flow rate (compressor): up to 35 CFM @ 25 psi
    • Gear pump or Vane pump options available
    • Reduces install time by 4 hrs (2 hoses & 4 holes)
    • Need a min. of 25" of frame rail space
    • Max operating temperature range 300 deg F

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