• Drum D807 lobe blower, 20 psi continuous duty 
  • Oil lubricated on both gear and drive end
  • Dual heat plugs on the discharge side
  • Elevated base w 3/8” brake formed tabletop
  • Bolt on legs, drilled for optional fixed anchoring
  • Rex Omega coupling direct drive w 1/8” steel guard
  • SP filter assembly top inlet w Centri Precleaner
  • Brass pressure relief valve w SS spring
  • Spring loaded check valve
  • Discharge w 3” adapter, dust cap, chain
  • Motor, 50 HP, 1775 RPM, TEFC 3 phase, 60/50 Hz, 4” disch silencer
  • Motor controller not included
Price: $22,084.71
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    The Drum D807 blower with electric motor drive package unit is great for unloading fine powder dry bulk materials that include cement, fly ash, flour, hydrated lime, and more.

    The Drum D807 electric package can be mounted on the pig trailer or used on the base in plant environments for loading and unloading. 

    • Air Flow: 390 - 1000 CFM
    • Pressure: 20 psi continuous
    • Vacuum: 17″ hg continuous
    • RPM Range: 1600 - 3000
    • Weight: 1700 lbs
    • Weight: 60" L x 24" W x 48" L
    • Drum D807 bi-lobe blower, base, electric motor, precleaner, silencer, Camlocks.