• Blackmer pump maintenance kits: include all wear components needed to repair your pump
Blackmer pump rebuild kits: maintenance kit items plus major components

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    Blackmer pump maintenance and rebuild kits are cost-effective solutions to help to keep your pump operational and in-service for years to come... 

    Blackmer Pump Maintenance Kits include all wear components. This includes vanes, push rods, o-rings and mechanical seals. 

      Blackmer Pump Rebuild Kits include all Maintenance Kit items plus major components such as a rotor & shaft and a liner.

      Protect your initial investment: please refer to the parts list for a specific pump model to determine the parts included in the kit. If in doubt, replace the part.

      For more information and kits ordering, call 832-639-0440 or use the Contact form below. Some kits are special order and non-returnable.

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